Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Simple Post

(Or, So Much to Say in so Few Words) 

I've done so many interviews lately, I hardly know how to stop. So for my sake, as I head back into regular posts for a while, pretend that I'm interviewing you. You don't even have to answer the questions. Unless you want to.

NAE: Do you have a critique group or a few good critique partners? Because if you don't, then you should read all the interviews we've had on this blog one more time. And then get yourself one, or maybe a few. Here's a few ideas on how to find one.

Because? They pull you up when you're down. They point out the flaws you don't see. They push you to your next level. They yank you higher than the highest point you've ever imagined. 

Even when you suck and don't know it, they teach you how not to suck so bad. And then one day, you don't suck anymore. It's true.

That's all for now. Oh, except this: hearts to all my critique partners/mentors/betas. I owe youse guys so much.


Marewolf said...

I have an awesome crit partner! Her name's Mary Baader Kaley and she is (not) an editor!


I hearts you too, my lovely :)

Marybk said...


Jessica Lei said...


Cat said...

and MBK is such a grammar queen too. I'd be lost without her. My teacher never taught me as much about grammar as I'm learning through her critiques.

Trekelny said...

OK right off the bat, I don't do hearts. Or sobs. A man has to draw the line somewhere.

But if I WEREN'T so manly, I might be tempted to display some sort of emotion at the thought of what you and your writer's group has meant to me, Mary. I've discovered new friends, first and foremost, and they've had a peek at some things that matter a great deal to me. Am I a good writer? Only time will tell (July 4th is coming- tick, tick...) But I am without question a BETTER writer than I was.

And for that, you get the principal credit. Boy, it's a good thing I have "Y" chromosomes because I might be choking up right now to think of it...

Sarah said...

I have a few really good betas now, at a couple of levels. I love going through a revision process with them! Your interviews have been awesome!

AP Diggs said...

A good group is worth their weight in gold. I have been fortunate to know the best grammar czar on the web, MBK. I spent years in some groups that never cared if I became a better writer. I have learned more in a year in one group than I did in a decade on a selfish board.

Anita said...

I <3 my critters and betas, but also my twitters and bloggers. I'm surrounded by a sea of talented and supportive writers, and am so blessed and grateful for them all! You included, Mary my dear!

Marybk said...

I'm just getting back to these comments after a weekend away, and holy schmoly. *blush*

You guys are the best. xoxo

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